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Caffeine, Office Chairs Top Office Supplies in 2013: OfficeZilla


If 2012 is anything to go by, office professionals are breaking a lot of chairs and downing loads of coffee and tea to help them stay awake during office hours. According to OfficeZilla, caffeine and executive chairs are some of the top office supplies purchased last year, and the online office supply discount retailer predicts that these essentials are likely to be the most popular items ordered by office purchasing managers and company bosses in 2013.

“Office supplies are an essential part of daily office life, yet nobody realizes it until you run out,” says OfficeZilla CEO and co-founder, Darin Kraetsch, also the CEO of the national retail franchise Flip Flop Shops. “It’s time office supplies get the recognition they deserve. Everybody is always talking about the best movies and books of the year, so we’re sending a shout-out to the top office supplies of 2012 and predicting the top picks for 2013.”

Based on its 2012 sales, the discount retailer predicts must-have office supply items for 2013 will be:

i.  Binders – Whether they are O-ring, D-ring, neutral or colorful, binders are a practical everyday office supply. While you won’t want to fill them with women, you can fill them with all your important documents to stay organized.

ii. Sharpies – This classic favorite still tops the list as one of the most popular writing utensil in the office. With all the different color and tip options, you can express yourself any way you like! Just don’t write on your desk – they are permanent.

iii.  Lorell Executive High Back Chair – Don’t be fooled, these chairs aren’t only for executives. This stylish chair made the top of the list for its quality, amazing comfort and affordable price.

iv. Copy Paper –While Xerox and Hammermill topped the list of favorite brands, copy paper of all brands, weights and brightness factors made our list.

v. Caffeine – Even though caffeine isn’t typically thought of as an office supply, it ranks in the top five because essential ‘fuel’ for those long work days! Keep it flowing!


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