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[Infographic] The Need For Speed In Today’s Workplace


Feeling stressed at the workplace because you’re pressured to do more, faster, with less? Well, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey sponsored by business application platform provider TrackVia, a whopping 84-percent of non-executive workers reported that they feel pressured – at least occasionally – to do their work faster.

But workers do admit that there is a need for speed at the workplace. 92-percent of respondents rated speed in the workplace is “important” or “somewhat important”.  The overall pace of work also appears to be increasing – when compared to twelve months ago, 39-percent of workers reported getting their work done faster. while 55-percent reported getting their work done at about the same pace. Only five percent reported getting their work done slower.

“I think it’s safe to say that the days of taking your time to do the job right is being replaced by ‘do your job right – but do it as fast as possible,’” says Charles Var, vice president of marketing at TrackVia. “This hurry-up workplace is simply a new fact of life for many workers.”

Be Organized.

But how do you deal with the increase in expectations when it comes to getting work done faster? 26-percent of survey respondents say “keeping organized” was most important for getting their work done fast, while “amount of experience” was selected second most often at 21-percent.  Eight percent of respondents cite “having software that is reliable/ dependable” and another seven percent selected “having the right type of software needed for my work”.

Here’s an infographic that shows some of the numbers from that survey: