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Top Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Dale Carnegie


by Kevin Schweizer, Online Marketing Manager for Phone.com

Dale Carnegie (pictured), author of the bestselling book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People“, has a lot of good lessons for new entrepreneurs. Dale Carnegie is well known for his successes, but he has also had a lot of failures. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Carnegie’s life and teachings. Entrepreneurs will need to interact with various people and businesses on a daily basis. Learning how to utilize Dale Carnegie’s lessons is a great way to ensure business success. Leadership remains one of the most important lessons to take away from Dale Carnegie’s writings. Finally, the most important lesson is to persevere.

How To Make People Like You.

One of the most important lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Dale Carnegie is how to make people like them. Entrepreneurs will interact with a wide variety of people on a daily basis. Collaborating with others should be positive and mutually beneficial. Nobody wants to work with somebody they don’t like. Ultimately, being an entrepreneur is all about making things happen. People who are well-liked have no trouble getting things done. Studying Carnegie’s techniques is a great way to learn how to be well-liked.

How To Be A Leader.

Dale Carnegie was a fantastic leader. Carnegie’s lessons on leadership are timeless. Even small startup businesses with very few employees need good leadership. Carnegie encouraged people to praise honestly. An important part of being a leader is never embarrassing an employee. Embarrassment can create resentment. Carnegie noted that it is always important to let another person save face. Carnegie strived to develop the type of leader that people would love working for. Great leadership yields great results. Leadership development should be a fundamental value for all new entrepreneurs.


If there is one lesson entrepreneurs can learn from Dale Carnegie, it is to always persevere. Dale Carnegie grew up on a farm, and he suffered many failures. Nobody ever hears about Dale Carnegie’s failed acting career or his fiction novels. At one point, he was homeless and living at the local YMCA. Carnegie never stopped, even after failure. Entrepreneurship can be daunting. Most successful entrepreneurs have a variety of small and large failures before becoming successful. It is crucial to remain positive, and to continue working.

Dale Carnegie’s life and lasting legacy of writings can teach new entrepreneurs so much. The most important lessons are all about becoming successful in one’s business. Entrepreneurs that are well-liked will often find business dealings to run pretty smoothly. In addition, leadership development is incredibly important, even for small businesses. Finally, the ability to persevere is what sets apart the successful entrepreneurs from the failures. Most entrepreneurs have had many failures by the time they succeed. Learning from failures helps entrepreneurs to become better businessmen and women.

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Kevin Schweizer is the Online Marketing Manager for Phone.com, an internet-based company specializing in home and business phone, virtual office and virtual number services. When Kevin isn’t writing, he can be found watching the NFL and learning about medieval castles.