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[Infographic] Anatomy Of A Happy Office


Money isn’t everything. Those of you who don’t think so may want to experience working in a high-paying job in an extremely stressful, unhappy workplace.

For those who think money is the biggest motivator at the workplace, you’re wrong. Good bosses and managers know the value of a happy office environment. They work on the little things that may seem insignificant but truly does matter to the employee – and therefore improve productivity and retention rates.

Here are just some of the things a boss may want to look at:

Cut down on meetings. Work smarter, respect employee time and increase productivity,

Let your employees use social media… moderately. While employees shouldn’t jeopardize their own careers blogging or tweeting about work, light use of social media at the office actually improves productivity.

Appreciate them. A few good words can go a long way, especially for Gen Y workers. It really improves morale.

Communicate often. Communication is important for building the right work culture.

For these facts and more tips, check out the following infographic “Anatomy Of A Happy Office” from Metrofax (click on the image to expand):