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[Infographic] Google Yourself

Have you ever tried Googling yourself? You should. And you may be surprised with what you find.

Every time we volunteer more information about ourselves online through the use of various social media profiles, the more we reveal about ourselves to the world. But some of that information we may have preferred to have kept private. The truth is, once we put personal information online, we have little control over it, how it is used, and how long it stays available in cyberspace.

Even if you haven’t Googled yourself, others certainly have sought to find out details about you on search engines. According to available statistics, 86-percent of hiring managers have told candidates they were rejected based on what was found online about them, and 44-percent of people have searched online about people whose services or advice they were seeking in a professional capacity.

So if this bothers you, check this infographic out – see more data about online information privacy, and follow the guide on researching yourself on Google and other social networking sites:

The Google Yourself Challenge

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