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SOCIALKIT – Your Facebook Influence At A Glance


If you’re wondering how influential you really are on Facebook, look no more than with SOCIALKIT.

SOCIALKIT (www.socialkit.me) is a social influence visualization tool that aggregates your Facebook data and presents it in a very fun yet informative, infographic manner. Unlike Klout or Kred which comprehensively calculates your social influence on different social networking platforms and grades you with an actual aggregated score, your SOCIALKIT graph – which takes mere seconds to generate – gives you a simple snapshot on your social life on Facebook.

You’ll find out on SOCIALKIT – developed by Another Good Thing, part of Singapore-based social influence marketing agency GOODSTUPH (we interviewed them here before) – who your Agony Aunt is (the friend who most comments on your status updates), or your wingman (that connection with whom you had the most check-ins with together). The graph also shows you the days you’re most active on Facebook, who you’re most tagged with in Facebook, and which is your top photo (the one with most likes and comments).

If Facebook was your business plan, SOCIALKIT would be its executive summary. You’ll discover some facts you never knew about yourself, as did I when I generated my own SOCIALKIT. Go check it out now.

(Protip: You might not want to let the wife see that you’re tagged more on Facebook photos with that sweet young thing than with her.)


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