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[Infographic] The State Of IT Security


You’d be surprised how bad IT security can get.

According to Verizon, who has been tracking how many data breaches occur in the United States since 2004, in 2011 there were a total of 855 incidents resulting in the second highest number of compromised records lost since they started tracking. Here are some other interesting statistics:

– 81-percent of data breaches result from hacking,

– 94-percent of data compromised involved servers (and not personal computers, despite what paranoid IT security folks believe),

– 4-percent of cases implicated employees, and less than 1-percent were committed by partners (which means companies should focus on external threats instead),

– 67-percent of attacks originate from Eastern Europe, and 20-percent from the United States (and only 2-percent from East Asia – China).

Here’s an infographic that shows you more:

The State of IT Security

This infographic was created by and first published on Background Check Guide.

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