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47 Incredible iPad Apps for MBAs


A master of business administration is looking more attractive to many white-collar workers today as a way to take their game to the next level, and app developers are taking notice. Business applications for the iPad are becoming a huge section of the market, as the tablet grows in popularity as more than just a vehicle for Angry Birds. If you need a tool to enhance your MBA instruction or to clue you in on a subject the curriculum never covered, here are 47 great apps with a AAA investment grade.

All-in-one Apps

Don’t think of these comprehensive MBA apps as exorbitant for tablet programs, but mind-bogglingly cheap business school tuition.

  1. MBA 2.0 Learning Solutions Suite Pt. 1.: This is the first of a four-part suite that features 13 chapters like “Legal Environments of Business” and “Pocket CFO.” If you like it, buy the other three.
  2. MBA for iPhone & iPad: For a solid app from the discount aisle, try this one from RealSimpleEDU.com for $1.99. It’s got quizzes and tutorials for all the MBA basics.
  3. MBA 2.0 Learning Solutions: Platinum Edition: For a comprehensive MBA app, go with Intersog’s $100 Platinum Edition. It features 34 separate business courses with interactive flashcards and assessment tests.
  4. Pocket MBA: From the developer named Mashable’s top maker of education apps for adults, Pocket MBA is a $10 crash course in business, running the gamut from marketing to IT to business law.

Business Publications

Forget hard copy; now you can get the best business magazines right on your iPad.

  1. Bloomberg for iPad: To keep your finger on the pulse of the stock market, do what 300,000 other business pros do and turn to Bloomberg to track stocks and analyze market trends.
  2. The Wall Street Journal – Mobile: It’s still the best source of news and developments from The Street, and every good MBA student needs a subscription.
  3. Forbes Intelligent Investing: For all the articles (with subscription), plus extras like video interviews with the kings of Wall Street, download this app.
  4. The Economist for iPad: Even without a subscription, you get access to a weekly list of editors’ favorite articles from the respected The Economist magazine.
  5. Fortune Magazine: Use your subscription or buy one month at a time to make use of this app that also has stock quotes, charts, and bonus material not found in the legendary magazine.
  6. HBR Today: Find business blogs, audio, video, and articles from the journalists at Harvard Business Review.
  7. Money Magazine: Get the app from the nation’s largest personal finance magazine, with easy navigation and clear text, pictures, and illustrations.

School Specials

These apps will get you in and see you through MBA school.

  1. MindMeister: This cool “mind mapping” app will help you improve your writing, from application essays for business school to end-of-term papers.
  2. Notes n More: To help you make the grade in business school, chip in $.99 for this app that lets you take, organize, and share notes, audio recordings, and memos.
  3. DejaOffice: Turn your iPad into a very large Blackberry for free with DejaOffice’s contact management, tasks, multiple calendar features, and syncing to programs like Outlook and Lotus Notes.
  4. Which MBA?: Need help deciding which MBA program is right for you? Let this app by The Economist be your guide.
  5. Documents to Go: You can’t print with it, and you wouldn’t want to type a novel with an iPad, but this is the best word processing app on the market.
  6. Numbers: Users say once you pass the learning curve, you’ll find this one of the best spreadsheet programs you’ve ever used.
  7. Instapaper: This widely-acclaimed app allows you to save lengthy business articles for reading later when you (gasp!) find yourself without an internet connection.
  8. HP 12C Financial Calculator: Businesspeople rely on this calculator and its algorithms and functions for quickly crunching numbers, and now it’s on the iPad.
  9. The Harvard Business School MBA Guide: Have you sights set on the top? If so, grab this app about getting in to Harvard Business.
  10. GoToMeeting: You and your group members are too busy to meet to discuss your project. Catch up from anywhere with this indispensible free app.
  11. PDF Reader Pro: One of the all-time best-rated apps for business, the PDF Reader Pro lets you view and scan PDFs smoothly and quickly.
  12. iTap mobile RDP for Windows: Hopefully you have a PC for business work. Use this app to access your desktop from anywhere via your iPad.
  13. Todo: You have a lot on your plate while studying for an MBA, especially if you’re also working. Keep it all straight with this fan-favorite task management app.

Money Matters

For everything moolah related, turn to these neat apps.

  1. MBA Learning Solutions 2.0: Financial Solutions: Intersog’s financial education app comes complete with application questions, illustrations, graphs, and more to teach you financial planning on the go.
  2. Thomson Reuters Marketboard: Students and professionals alike can take advantage of this app to learn about global equity performance. It connects you with news and reviews in a customizable, easy-to-access format.
  3. Financial Essentials For Not-for-profit Managers: Here’s an app for something your MBA classes may not cover. It’ll teach you about the particular aspects of doing business at a non-profit.
  4. My MBA- Finance: All the bedrock principles of finance are here for you to investigate, from capital structure to debtor management.
  5. Understanding the Economy: Just like it says, this app will increase your grasp of how money moves and where it goes so you can align yourself on the receiving end of it.
  6. My MBA- Accounting: This solid app from ololac Interactive is an interactive course in enterprise and general accounting.
  7. The Sarbanes – Oxley Act and Corporate Governance course: For everything you ever wanted to know about the corporate responsibility in accounting act, there’s this handy app for $6.99.
  8. Sales Management Educational course: It will help to manage salespeople if you have a good understanding of what they do. Learn the tools of the trade with this $10 app from Intersog.
  9. Analysis of The Corporate Annual Report: Prepare for being an executive by learning how to make sense of annual reports.
  10. Accounting & Finance : If your accounting skills are lacking, this app’s chapters and tests on cash flow and financial health will bring you up to speed.


Attack the market armed with info from these apps.

  1. Hootsuite: Put all that knowledge of marketing and ecommerce to work by using this app that lets you manage all your company’s social media presences from anywhere.
  2. Marketing Process: A very highly-rated app, Marketing Process is a full-featured course hitting all the fundamentals of this area of business.
  3. Ecommerce: Apps for Cyberspace Tech: Supplement your training in online business with this helpful app that will help you develop a web presence and fill you in on security, legal, and ethical issues.

Now You’re in Business

Not waiting for your MBA to get started? Let these apps give you a hand in your business.

  1. Square: If you’re already in business, you can use this free app to start accepting credit cards from your customers. There’s no contract or monthly fee; just order a $10 attachment and go to swiping.
  2. Fraud Prevention & Internal Controls: Before you launch a business is the time to learn how to set up effective internal controls to protect yourself against fraud. This app does the job nicely.
  3. Interview Assistant: Once you’ve got that MBA and your focus turns to starting your business, use this free and easy-to-use app to organize your interview questions and let you take audio notes.
  4. Billings Touch: This app makes it easy to track your hours and bill your clients for all that MBA brain power you’re expending consulting for them.
  5. Small Business Guide: Turn those business ideas into reality with your MBA diploma in one hand and your iPad loaded with this app in the other.

Other Business

For everything else, there are these winners.

  1. Effective Business Communications: Over 19 chapters you’ll discover how to become a more effective and persuasive communicator about everything from the pleasant to the painful.
  2. Business Reference Library: Leave this app running while in class in case your instructor uses a business term you don’t recognize and you’d rather your classmates not know you don’t know it.
  3. Business Education course Pro: You can take advantage of this app designed to educate busy execs. It has lessons on crucial topics like capital budgeting and quantitative decision-making.
  4. Applied Operations Management: With chapters on facilities, demand management, work systems, and more, this app will teach you how to run your company’s manufacturing operations.
  5. Modern Supervision: If your MBA profs are chintzy with the real-world knowledge, this app can fill you in on areas of managing like handling conflict and motivating employees.


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