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Conscious Contraceptives – Fighting HIV/AIDS with One-For-One Condoms


We’re all familiar with TOMS, the shoe company that gives away a free pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair consumers buy. Here’s another organization that follows that “one-for-one” charity model – Conscious Contraceptives (www.concon.org) is a discreet online store that sells contraceptives and other sexual health related products, and donates proceeds through partner national and international organizations such as Support for International Change to help fund educational resources and provide contraceptives to needy, under-served communities around the world.

Launched last November on World Aids Day, Conscious Contraceptives guarantees discreet shopping, billing, and shipping, and aims to transform customers into benefactors, pushing for a sustainable business that leverages on the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good.

“By donating contraceptives and promoting sexual education across the globe, we aim to put an end to the spread of sexually transmitted infections and improve sexual health overall,” says Cory Capoccia, founder of Conscious Contraceptives.

“The world population just tipped over the 7 billion mark last October 2011 and as consumers become more aware about the detrimental consequences, I believe a stronger effort will be made to reach a more sustainable population growth,” adds Capoccia, who co-founded payment management solutions provider Verifi in 2006 prior to Conscious Contraceptives.


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