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25 Brand Experts You Should Follow On Twitter


Social media is an incredibly important part of any branding strategy, so of course Twitter is a great spot to interact with brand experts in their natural element. We’ve found some of the best minds in personal branding, B2B branding, corporate branding, and even career branding on Twitter, and we hope you’ll check them out. Read on to find 25 incredible people, listed in no particular order, that are full of news, knowledge, and resources that can help you make the most of the brands you represent.

  1. @chrisbrogan

    Chris Brogan has long been a respected voice in the subject of online communication and marketing. Follow him on Twitter to find his insights into using social software and the web to inform and build credibility in your communications.

  2. @davidhenderson

    David Henderson is a brand journalist and Emmy Award-winning former newsman for CBS. On Twitter, you’ll find Henderson sharing his considerable wisdom on topics including social media in the news, big PR mistakes, and even brand issues in politics.

  3. @packagingdiva

    Presentation counts, and JoAnn Hines knows that fact all too well. Check out her @packagingdiva feed for advice, resources, and trends in the latest of packaging and branding through excellence in packaging.

  4. @danschawbel

    Dan Schawbel is incredibly prominent in the field of personal branding, with his own popular blog, bestselling book Me 2.0, and columns in both Times and Forbes. Millennials in search of personal branding advice can do well to follow Schawbel on Twitter and beyond.

  5. @keithferrazzi

    Keith Ferrazzi is a “relationship guru” and author of Never Eat Alone. Ferrazzi offers insights including “Don’t be a jerk,” and ideas on becoming the glue that holds other people together.

  6. @lizstrauss

    Liz Strauss offers excellent insight into customer connection and branding. Check out what she has to say about social business strategy.

  7. @KimBrater

    Kim Brater makes it her job to check out the underbellies of brands, discovering what works and what really doesn’t. Follow her on Twitter to learn from her considerable knowledge about business branding and brand strategy.

  8. @WilliamArruda

    William Arruda is an expert in broadening your reach, allowing your brand to connect with more people and companies every day. Follow him on Twitter to find out how you can improve the way that you and your brand impact those around you.

  9. @SheBrandLiz

    Liz Dennery Sanders offers great advice for women who are building their brands as a business and as people. Find out what this “brand whisperer” has to say about humanizing your business and working from a position of authority in your business.

  10. @thebrandbuilder

    Olivier Blanchard is the author of Social Media ROI and an influential voice in customer engagement. Follow Blanchard to learn more about what you can be doing in business and brand strategy.

  11. @BrandYou

    Cindy Ratzlaff is all about engaging brand evangelists. Follow her on Twitter to find out how you can connect and develop your brand evangelists and have them help you drive buzz about your brand.

  12. @JenniferMcClure

    Employment branding is so important not just for job seekers, but everyone in the working world. Follow Jennifer McClure’s feed to find out how you can make branding and HR work together.

  13. @wendymarx

    Wendy Marx examines social business, and explains how B2B companies can become well known brands. Check out her tweets for advice on communications and marketing for gaining visibility, credibility, and revenue.

  14. @KevinBrandall

    Kevin Randall is the all-brand guy at Fast Company, and is famous for breaking the news on politicians using neuromarketing. Be sure to check out Randall’s tweets for insight into B2B branding, culture, and even a bit of personal branding as well.

  15. @the_brand_guy

    Richard Sauerman discusses how branding can wake up people and organizations. See what he has to say about getting inspired, changing the world, and waking up your own brand.

  16. @ScottMonty

    Scott Monty is the head of social media at Ford. Check out what he has to say about branding and PR, and learn how they do branding in the big league.

  17. @KarenKang

    Karen Kang explains just how well branding pays off with BrandingPays.com. On Twitter, she shares her considerable knowledge about corporate and personal branding with ideas and news that you can put to work.

  18. @HajjFlemings

    This founder of Brand Camp is on a personal mission to inspire others to live a life of significance. Follow Hajj Flemings for exceptional insight into personal branding strategy.

  19. @TishaOehmen

    Tisha Oehmen makes it her job to highlight brands and women who are doing amazing things. Follow her on Twitter to learn about finding and developing your own brand.

  20. @JCottin

    Julie Cottineau’s tweets are all about new perspectives and inspiration in branding. She’s the founder of BrandTwist and the former VP of Brand Virgin, sharing great ideas and trends in business and branding.

  21. @ConversationAgent

    Valeria is an expert in helping brands create and identify meaningful actions. Follow her conversation on Twitter to learn more about establishing meaningful actions and practicing marketing in a way that makes sense.

  22. @mariaduron

    Maria Duron’s tweets can help you learn about building, bolstering, or bailing out your brand. See what she has to say about creating community and connection that focuses on your brand, and follow along as she hosts #brandchat each Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. CST.

  23. @RachelGogos

    Find out how you can make the web more personal from Rachel Gogos. She explains how you can make the most out of personal branding online right here on Twitter.

  24. @simonmainwaring

    New York Times bestselling author of We First, Simon Mainwaring has great insight into social branding. Listen to what Mainwaring has to say about how brands and consumers can better use social media to connect and even build a better world.

  25. @Brandamentalist

    David Ansett is the man to turn to if you’re looking for help in building your business brand. Check out Ansett’s feed for brand insights, observations, and inspiration.


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