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Mobile Technology And Travel Top Needs Of Small Business Owners: RapidBuyr


A customer survey conducted by B2B daily deals service RapidBuyr (www.RapidBuyr.com) has found that mobile technologies and travel deals top the list of purchases that small business owners plan to make in the coming year.

Conducted by RapidBuyr in November and December last year with over 2000 respondents, the survey revealed that:


1. Tablet computers, like the iPad, appear to be in high demand, with 49-percent of respondents intending to purchase one in the next six to 12 months;

2. 44-percent plan to buy mobile phones, which points to the growing trend of leveraging mobile technologies and applications that allow small businesses to work from anywhere, anytime;


3. Travel services also top the list of planned expenditures, with 62-percent of respondents planning air travel, while 55-percent require hotel services.

4. Similarly, restaurants and rental car services show strong demand at 38- and 34-percent respectively.


“These results underscore just how important having access to the latest technology can be for small businesses to allow them to get more done with fewer resources,” says RapidBuyr‘s director of marketing Pete Angus.

He also adds that while demand for products and services by small business owners can be substantial, this market tends to be overlooked by major vendors because it is highly fragmented. And that’s where sites like RapidBuyr comes into play, filling a key amrket need.