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We’ve seen a slew of technology- and entrepreneur-focused conferences in Singapore over the past year or so, and the trend is set to continue in the coming year with Demo Asia, and now, Startup Asia Singapore. And while like some others that aim to showcase emerging product-ready technology startups from Singapore and the Asia region, Startup Asia Singapore is unique in that it’s put together by our buddies over at Singapore-based media startup Penn Olson. And, as they like to put it, it’s “by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs”.

Startup Asia Singapore will take place on February 2-3, 2012, and is meant for early-stage startup investors, technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who want to show off their product to meet one another. The event will revolve around “coffee chats” – where entrepreneurs and investors share intimately with the audience on their experiences – and will also see “Startup Arena”, a startup competition featuring ten to 15 startups from the region pitch and challenge for US$10,000 in cash. You’ll also get to network with some of the most talented and well-known investors and entrepreneurs in Asia.

If you’re keen to plug into the Singapore and Asia startup scene, this is one event you should definitely attend.


Young Upstarts is a Startup Asia Singapore media partner. And proud to be one.


  1. […] razen21 wrote: and need funding, who would you look for? Investors obviously, but dont you think if you give the idea way they will steal it? Coz I have a really huge idea that could potentially work but Im playing it close to the chest, dont dare tell anyone. go take part in this competition ba. Win liao get $$. Then can get another government funding of $50,000. Then if good can go for series A funding of $500,000-$10Mil. [Singapore] [Event] Startup Asia Singapore 2012 | Young Upstarts […]


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