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DropMySite.com Makes Backing Up Your Site A Breeze


Terrified that your website will one day crash, making you lose all your data? Well, that’s the reason for using DropMySite.com, a free cloud-based storage service that you backup your website automatically easily.

Founded in 2011 by Singapore-based Internet entrepreneur John Fearon – who also an online marketplace for buying and selling outdoor advertising called EatAds.com – when he was looking for a way to backup his websites that had user-generated content. There’s a few things that DropMySite does to protect help protect your data – it encrypts your data, you aren’t able to delete data for 30 days, and you can’t post back to the original host. So simple, yet can be a total lifesaver.

Each free DropMySite account comes with two GB of free storage, but you can upgrade to 50GB and 100GB paid versions at US$9.99 a month (or US$99 a year) and US$19.99 a month (or US$199.99 a year) respectively.

I think that’s worth paying for peace of mind.


  1. I thought most decent web hosting companies offer daily backups anyway?

    The name sounds too similar to Dropbox, won’t be surprised to hear of a lawsuit if this ever took off.


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