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Create Your Own Live Internet Radio Show With Spreaker


Are you an aspiring DJ? Or perhaps you harbor dreams of being the next Rush Limbaugh? If you always wanted to create your own live web-based radio show but have no idea how to do it, here’s a simple and elegant solution for you – Spreaker (www.spreaker.com) is an audio platform that allows anyone to create, broadcast and share audio across the Internet easily.

Like what YouTube does for video, and Twitter does for text, Spreaker does for audio. The service offers tools such as a web-based mixing console, a sound effects library and the ability to broadcast live audio through a widget that can be embedded across websites, social networks and blogs.  It’s pretty simple to record and syndicate audio content from your desktop or mobile device and broadcast it live – or recorded as audio podcasts – across social networks. Mobile apps available for iPhone, iPod and iPad (support for Android and other platforms are in the works) even takes your broadcasts mobile.

“Clearly there was a need in the market for a consumer-focused, superior audio platform that would make it super easy and fun to update your life in audio bursts through social media the same way we keep in touch with one another through Google+, Twitter or Facebook status updates,” says CEO and founder of Spreaker Francesco Baschieri. “If BlogTalkRadio (now known as Cinchcast) can attract users with its clunky offering catering to corporate culture, we know we can build upon our existing user base and achieve added success with our superior technology and consumer focus.”

The Bologna, Italy-based company recently scored an angel round totaling US$1.1 million led by a European group of investors including Zernike Meta Ventures and Italian Angels for Growth. “We recognized that this is a significant investment opportunity for us,” says Francesco Marini Clarelli, founder of Italian Angels for Growth. “Spreaker has a singular vision to conquer a massive, untapped market led by a platform that is sleeker and easier to use than any of its competitors. As they amplify their offering, we’re very confident the market will respond favorably.” The funds are targeted to ramp up sales and marketing efforts in the U.S. where Spreaker recently opened an office in San Francisco.