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Q&A Platform Drumo To Drum Up City Discovery In Australia and Asia

Is going hyperlocal the next big thing or the latest hype? Whatever you believe, there are increasingly more mobile location-based services that focuses on providing information and content targeted at specific locales. Take newly announced Drumo (, for example. Drumo is a hyperlocal question-and-answer platform that connects a community of users in a certain area to ask and answer questions about what is happening around them.

Drumo is the first of such service – somewhat a mash-up of location-based check-in service Foursquare and question-and-answer platform Quora – to launch in selected cities in Asia and Australia. A gamification system rewards usage – users work their way up the city grid from “tourist” to “local expert”, building reputation through points and badges and unlocking merchant offers from local businesses.

Drumo is founded and managed by Australian digital agency Design Royale (which also developed Royale/CMS – a content management system for advertising agencies – as well as social media feed aggregator Royale/Live). Currently in private beta, Drumo is set to first launch in Sydney and Singapore, followed by Tokyo, Melbourne and Hong Kong and followed other major Australian and Asian cities.

Private Beta Invites Available

If you’re interested in participating in Drumo‘s exclusive private beta, email with Young Upstarts as your subject header. Limited to the first 50 respondents.



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