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[Causes] Relief 2.0 – Bringing Relief Through Social Entrepreneurship


The trouble with disaster relief is that there is almost never enough of it, and much of it – while good intentioned – is sorely misdirected and misused. The more successful relief organizations are those who actively work with local stakeholders to ascertain needs and work to fulfill those needs. Relief 2.0 is one of those organizations.

Relief 2.0 is an organic movement of multidisciplinary volunteers and partner organizations from around the world working together to promote efficient disaster response and sustainable disaster recovery through the active engagement of local stakeholders. They seek to enable disaster survivors as entrepreneurs – which we, of course, wholeheartedly support – before they are turned into refugees by the conventional relief system. Their mission is to empower local communities impacted by disaster to generate wealth and become self-sustainable, connecting them with local and global markets where disaster survivors sell goods and services so they can generate wealth and not depend on donations.

For example, Relief 2.0 for the months of August to December is involved in various projects to aid quake-hit Japan. The idea is to focus around social businesses that not only makes sure they are sustainable but profitable enough so that proceeds can be help to support quake survivors.

If you believe in helping disaster victims get back on their feet through supporting their social entrepreneurship endeavors, vote for Relief 2.0 Enterprise on Ashoka ChangeMakers‘ “Powering Economic Opportunity” program.