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[Singapore][Event] Junior World Entreneurship Forum 2011


The Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum is back! This year, the forum – a global association of students aimed at supporting the mission of the World Entrepreneurship Forum to create wealth and social justice through entrepreneurship – will hold a four-day event from July 25 to July 28 at various local tertiary institutions.

Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum 2011 aims to gather entrepreneurs and youths together to share their vision, finding, ideas and recommendation on current global issues. This event will consist of a seminar and a networking cum discussion session, which facilitates the transfer of knowledge from industry professional to student participants and develop entrepreneurial skills in youth. The theme for this year is “Entrepreneurship, a driver for technology and innovation”.

Check out the event schedule here. Our startup advisor Jeffrey Paine of Battle Ventures will also be speaking during the event.

If you’re young and entrepreneurial, do check it out.