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Video Technology Company Giraffic On Track To Hit One Million Users


One of the trends in Internet use today is the creation and consumption of video content. Already, there are over 2 billion daily views in YouTube alone, while online movie service Netflix accounts for over 30-percent of total Internet bandwidth in the United States during peak hours. It’s in this environment that Tel Aviv, Israel-based video technology company Giraffic is hoping to thrive in.

Giraffic‘s Video-On-Demand technology supports fully-distributed, multi-source “Seek Forward” functionality so that a user can jump ahead in the video, but still gets data from dozens of sources simultaneously. Giraffic also seeks to address one of the most important issues in online video streaming today – the need to effectively deliver massive scale online movies in high definition without re-buffering pauses, yet at manageable bandwidth costs.

Giraffic‘s technology is targeted at media companies, content distributors, video sharing sites, software game developers, social networks, and device manufacturers which require enhanced video content delivery. The company has announced that it has reached over 500,000 end-users in less than three months since launch in March and is gaining over 10,000 new users per day. It is on track to reach a million users by August this year.

“We are thrilled and delighted with the strong initial interest in our Giraffic video accelerator among pioneering video publishers and end users alike,” says Yoel Zanger, CEO and founder of Giraffic. “We remain committed to providing the best possible creative and timely solutions for the needs of our ever-growing customers. This year’s developments have exceeded our expectations and we are very excited by our prospects in the coming future in the fast-growing VOD acceleration industry.”



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