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NulisBuku.com, Indonesia’s First Print-On-Demand Service


Love to read? You can easily buy books at your local bookstore, or you can download e-books to read it with your iPad or Kindle. What if you love to write? You need to make perfect writings, send it to a publisher, wait for  a reply, and usually it ends up with your book in the trashbin. A heartbreaking process, I understand.

NulisBuku.com is a startup that was launched back in October 2010 to help you publish and sell your book quickly. Branded as a print-on-demand publisher, NulisBuku aims to help writers, especially new writers to publish and sell. Nulisbuku claims that they are the first to provide such self-publishing service in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. For your information, ‘NulisBuku’ means ‘Write a Book’ in Indonesian.

“I have published 15 books, yet it is hard for me to publish a book that is not matched with what the publisher wants,” said Ollie, Co-Founder and CMO of NulisBuku. “If a writer like me got into all this hassle, what about writers who just got into the scene?”

NulisBuku founding team consists of Ollie (Aulia Halimatussadiah), Angeline Anthony, Brilliant Yotenega and Oka Pratama. With Ollie and Angeline from Kutukutubuku.com on board, and Brilliant Yotenega and Oka Pratama handling the publishing and printing function, the team looks solid to lead the startup to greater heights.

NulisBuku‘s monetizing strategy is based on royalty. For every books sold, NulisBuku will take a cut. “We are also in for a brand or product campaign, so besides the print-on-demand strategy, we also have a B2B alternative.” said Ollie.

NulisBuku‘s campaign on social media has also taken off  with “Low Budget High Impact” as the slogan. It was a great success. “Our influence in social media is great, it gets to the phase where we have evangelists that promote us voluntarily, we also have a writing project that is held routinely,” Ollie added.

We’re seeing an active community on Nulisbuku.com with quite a number of books featured on its site. Comments from authors are also encouraging. One author commented that “the existence of Nulisbuku.com is a form of “radical revolution” within the book publishing industry.” We shall see how quickly Nulisbuku.com can grow in 2011.

This article was first published on Penn-Olson, a tech, business and marketing blog focusing on US and Asia. Penn-Olson is a Young Upstarts content partner.

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