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Rockto, An Emerging Social Recommendation Site


Social media is a common way for people to share interesting websites or any online contents. However, they are often cluttered with personal conversations or status updates that make them difficult to be found. Thanks to Rockto, now we have an alternative way to share and have fun while doing it.

Rockto is an Indonesian startup that positions itself as a social recommendation site. Members can post a link to any content, complete with description and tags for other members to “Rock It” if they like the post. The “Rock” button is similar to “Like” button on Facebook or StumbleUpon.

“We want to create a recommendation site that is fun and relevant to every person’s interest without too many noises (such as Facebook status, or personal tweets). So we decided to create our Own Social Recommendation Site and we called it ROCKTO (ROCK TOday),” said Errol, Co-Founder of Rockto.

Any recommended links that are posted by people can be found in the public page. Meanwhile, links posted by members that we follow will appear on feed page. Beside links, members can also bookmark their favorite blogs on the Blogs page to get latest updates. They can simply click the “Rock” button to post it into regular public page that makes it available to get rocked by other members.

Rockto Screenshot

Founded in mid 2010, Rockto has almost a thousand members and still counting. Everyday, 50 – 80% of their current members, or “Rockers”, use its services. Most of its traffic came from referral sources. ”Every member that are connected to Facebook or Twitter will automatically spread their Posted or Rocked content to their Facebook or Twitter account. From there, their Facebook friends or Twitter followers will click the shortlink”, said Errol.

There are some innovative features that we can find on Rockto. These features make sharing content on Rockto more enjoyable.

1. Rockpoint

RockpointEvery member will get Rockpoint if their posts are rocked by other members or if their posts are viewed by any person either from Facebook, Twitter, or Google search results. Using Rockpoint, members can redeem some item that are available on Rockto Store, like a t-shirt, ipod, or concert tickets.


2. Badges

Rockto BadgesLike Foursquare, Rockto offers various badges for members that can be earned by doing certain activities on the site, like posting the first link, following other members, be followed by other members, or using Rockto on special days like Halloween or Batik Day. Any brands or event organizers can provide custom badges for members by registering their Social Campaign on Rockto.

3. QR Code

Rockto QRRockto provides an offline method for any brand who participate in its Social Campaign program by using QR Code. Rockto will spread the QR Code stickers in public places where people can scan it through. The links contained in the code can lead people to a special badge or recommended campaign post to spread out the campaign message.

Rockto is still looking for potential investors while continuing to develop its website. Errol told Penn Olson that Rockto is developing its new version that has more cool features and better performance. Well, let’s see what Rockto can offer with its upcoming 2.0 update.

This article was first published on Penn-Olson, a tech, business and marketing blog focusing on US and Asia. Penn-Olson is a Young Upstarts content partner.