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Taiwan’s EZTable Eyes Expansion in Singapore and Hong Kong


An online restaurant reservation site isn’t the most innovative idea. But if we were to stand back and observe, this simple service is dearly and clearly missing in many countries. Alex Chen, CEO and founder of EZTable, is one who has spotted this missing gap in Taiwan.

Taiwan-based start-up, EZTable is an easy-to-use online restaurant reservation site. Users can book a restaurant in just three steps. What’s most impressive is that EZTable provides a wide range of restaurants from various locations in Taiwan for users to choose from. To add on to the user experience, EZTable also provides information such as transportation, dinning reviews, promotions and blog articles on the selected restaurant.

It isn’t just about filling a market need. Chen’s love for food and convenience have also inspired him to create EZTable to better serve food lovers in Taiwan.

“I love restaurant food. During my time at UCLA, California, I always reserve my restaurant spot online. It just makes the whole dining experience better and more convenient,” Chen told Penn Olson.

“Taiwan is well-known for its food culture. However, I realized there wasn’t such a service back in the country. Taiwan deserves a better and more convenient online service platform to connect restaurants and diners together. EZTable was founded to serve such needs,” he added.

Chen is right with his observation. EZTable currently has more than 100,000 regular users with 350 restaurants for diners to choose from. EZTable generates over 15,000 reservations per month and is looking to reach out to more diners through its mobile applications. The grand plan, however, is its upcoming international expansion plan.

“This summer we will also expand to Hong Kong and Singapore and hopefully EZTable can add some more great restaurants internationally,” said Chen. It is exciting time ahead for EZTable and we’ll update as we learn more from Chen.

This article was first published on Penn-Olson, a tech, business and marketing blog focusing on US and Asia. Penn-Olson is a Young Upstarts content partner.