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TeknoUp, A Gadget And Tech Resource In Indonesian, for Indonesians


Where can you read the latest gadget and tech news in Bahasa Indonesian? TeknoUp fills up that gap and is looking successful. Apparently, the gadget review site is specifically targeted at Indonesian tech lovers.

At first look, we might think that TeknoUp has restricted itself to the Indonesian market. However, web statistics have proven that its focus on the Indonesia market is well rewarded. TeknoUp currently generates more than 400,000 unique visits with 1 million pageviews each month.

“TeknoUp exists because we see a number of gadget brands invading the Indonesia market. From smartphones to feature phones the penetration in the market has been really aggressive. There isn’t any strategic partner for gadget brands to communicate with the Indonesian market. Using our local knowledge we can help these gadget brands to provide not just reviews and gadget reference, but also previews and local gadget gossips,” said Cita Purnawijaya, CEO of TeknoUp.

The story of TeknoUp traces back to Kassa9.com, an e-commerce site that produces gadget content founded in March 2009. Despite Kassa9’s success, the team felt there was a lack in focus and decided to start TecknoUp.com to soley concentrate on its media business. Purnawijaya said that the rebranding phase went “very fast and aggressive”. Thankfully, the team’s effort has paid off. Today, TecknoUp is well liked by both gadget brands and its readers.

“We are grateful enough to be supported by big gadget distributors. Now, we have direct partnerships with brands like Samsung, LG, Bakrie Telecom in less than 1 month after our launch. Hopefully, more brands will partner with us as we provide more relevant content to the industry. Just in case you’re wondering, brands do not need to pay for their gadgets to be reviewed. We want to be professional and unbiased in our reviews,” Purnawijaya shared with Penn Olson.

For now, TeknoUp is focused on improving content and its site interface. It also plans to hire more reporters and editors to cover all local gadget related news in Indonesia.

This article was first published on Penn-Olson, a tech, business and marketing blog focusing on US and Asia. Penn-Olson is a Young Upstarts content partner.


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