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What You Need To Know To Go International


How exciting – you’re expanding internationally! Assuming you’ve done the research about potential demand, competition, etc., and you’ve narrowed down the list of countries to set up shop, here are some nitty-gritty things you need to get right from the get-go, along with solutions. But first things first: Going international is a strategy, not an afterthought. The management team needs to be on board and aligned. Get that right first. Then add these to your management team agenda:

Location: Don’t just go with what everyone else is doing – select a location that makes sense for you. Etsy selected Berlin, not London, for its European HQ. Why? No doubt the art scene and the (relatively) low cost of living played a part. But also investigate local labor laws (see below). Keep in mind that you want direct flights home. It will make a difference.

Language: That clever Canadian intern may have won a top grammar prize back at school in Montreal, but that doesn’t mean s/he can speak French the French way. A sure fire way to alienate early adopters in new countries is to translate poorly. Using French Canadians or South Americans for French or Spanish is a quick way to show a market that you are not local, nor serious about them. Solution: Use native translators, or stay in English until you can do the job right.

Currency: Duh. But if you are selling online, you need to get this right. Customers are put off if you stray too far from actual foreign exchange rates. Solution: See how competitors or similar business have solved it.

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European Girl, aka 500 Mentor Colette Ballou, is the founder of Ballou PR, the smartest and sassiest public relations agency on either side of the Atlantic, focusing on high-growth companies. She oversees activities for their Paris, London, New York and San Francisco offices and is a frequent speaker/moderator and a mentor/judge for startup organizations and events such as Seedcamp, Microsoft BizSpark, IBM SmartCamp, SXSW Start-Up Accelerator, the Telegraph Tech Start-Up 100 and TechCrunch. One of European Girl’s superpowers — the ability to smoke a pack of cigarettes in a single puff.  Follow her on Twitter.


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