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This Week in Asia Episode 66: The Worlds of Tencent & Sekai Camera


TWIA producer, Mike Foong is finally back with the crew in the virtual studio after 3 months of hiatus, with also one of our highest recurring special guests, Serkan Toto (@serkantoto) from TechCrunch in Japan to talk about the top news that rocked the web and tech landscape in Asia this week. We discussed a few big hitters in the form of TenCent’s acquisition of Comsenz, the growing popularity of Sekai Camera and Koprol’s TV ad that rocked Indonesia along with other stories that focused on e-commerce in Asia, online forums and the big events in Asia which will have our September and October calendars all filled up.

This article was first posted at ThisWeekInAsia, a podcast that caters to what’s the hot and interesting news dominating the web and tech landscape in Asia, and a Young Upstarts content syndication partner.

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