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Gygan Lets You Store And Transfer Gygan-tic Files

Gygan gives you free file sharing with unlimited storage. Pity there's no synchronization, though.

For those of us who use file transfer and storage services like Dropbox.comRapidShare.com,  YouSendIt.com or 4shared.com, here comes Oakville, Ontario-based Gygan.com.

Windows-based Gygan follows the freemium model typical of similar services. Its free version offers 4GB of downloading, with a 1GB of bonus downloading every month. Its premium monthly download subscription starts at US$5 for 10GB of download transfer space. There is no cap on uploading so both free and premium subscribers can have unlimited uploads of any file size or type. Unlike Dropbox, however, Gygan doesn’t offer file synchronization online and across computers.

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Gygan promises upload and download speeds to be quicker than any file sharing service currently available on the market. “A lot of file sharing services on the market have peak times and incent their users to upload and download during the off-times” said Vitaly Petritchkovitch, CEO of Gygan. “That’s the simplistic beauty of Gygan — you don’t have to wait for peak times to be over. Tens of thousands of users can all access the network simultaneously, at any time, with no slow-downs.”

Online Startup Veterans

Gygan is founded by Vitaly Petritchkovitch and Shamir Nandy. 29-year old Vitaly is not new to the world of online startups. After graduating  from Toronto’s Ryerson University with a degree in IT management and system development with a minor in eCommerce in 2003, Vitaly started Simply Audiobooks, a Netflix-style online audio book rental service, with three other people. When Shamir Nandy was hired on as a developer in 2005, the two became friends, and eventually business partners.

Vitaly and Shamir left Simply Audiobooks late 2008 to start Pricist Inc, building and launching restaurant-finding mobile application MealChase, as well as face2face, a Facebook application that makes it easy to plan group get-togethers with friends.

They started work on Gygan in July 2009, finally culminating in its beta launch in March 2010.

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