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Aspiring Asian supermodels are primed to hit the next thing closest to the big screen – on your computers. Singapore-based Refinery Media, a multimedia production agency has announced the launch of online reality show – where ten models from across the Asian continent including Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and India will compete to be Asia’s next hottest face on runways and magazines. will debut on 16 June 2009 and be broadcast online twice a week, stretching over 20 episodes. The online reality series will showcase the ups and downs that aspiring models encounter in their professional careers – from dealing with the thrilling and glamorous but unforgiving demands of the fashion industry, to the bonding sessions or brash disputes with the other models. Oone model is eliminated each week until the winning model is chosen out of the final three contestants. will incorporate new online broadcast technologies such as Hyperspot, where users can have access to information on the brands, prices and stockist locations of the model’s outfits, and even the makeup and the names of their stylists, with a click of the mouse. Another is SubStream, a web-based subtitling technology that will allow viewers to easily switch from English to Mandarin subtitles while they watch the program.

Helming is Refinery Media founder, Karen Seah, who is a successful, established entrepreneur in the lifestyle and entertainment scene with several notable nightclub and restaurant outlets under her belt.

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t turn out to be another mindless bimbofest like S Factor.


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