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Google Enhances Web Analytics Offerings

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Earlier this week, Google announced that it has expanded the capabilities of Google Analytics to offer better support for marketers, advertising agencies and businesses in Singapore and the region. Google Analytics, the search engine’s free, next-generation web analytics tool that shows users how visitors find their website, how they navigate through it and how they become customers. Web analytics users get online data to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ needs and build their website or online campaign around that understanding to improve the effectiveness of their websites, maximize their online marketing campaigns, and convert online traffic to sales.

“In an economic slowdown when consumers are spending more time on the Internet looking for a great deal, local businesses have a great opportunity to use web analytics as a cost-effective, smart way to make sense of online consumer behaviour. Our free and powerful Google Analytics tool helps businesses to understand the customer experience online – to see what type of products customers were trawling for online, what was working on their websites and how to win over customers – and then turn this insight into action for better business results,” said Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Customer Solutions Engineer, Google Southeast Asia.

Google Analytic's dashboard
Google Analytic's dashboard

Besides providing enterprise-class features in its free Google Analytics™ tool (such as custom reports, advanced segmentation, an API as well as an updated interface, richer data visualisations and an integration with Google AdSense), Google is launching a new Google Analytics Individual Qualification program and has appointed clickTRUE as its first ever Google Analytics Authorised Consultant (GAAC) in Singapore.

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