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Entrepreneurs’ Organization: Entrepreneurs View 2009 With Cautious Optimism

According to the latest findings from Entrepreneurs’ Organization, if you’re an entrepreneur you are likely to be:

1. Concerned about the current economic climate, but are confident about surviving the crisis. Seven out of ten entrepreneurs believe you will ride out the recession. Interestingly, almost half of you anticipate an increase of revenues in 2009!

2. Concerned about obtaining funding. Money, money, money, it’s not so funny.

3. Ready to embrace “green”. Despite depressed economic conditions, more than one third of you will increase “green” commitments while 45 percent will maintain current commitment levels. Mother Earth, and the rest of humankind, will thank you for this.

4. Want to do good. Nearly a quarter of you will increase your priority for corporate social responsibility. About 60 percent of you will maintain your CSR commitments.

5. Think that the time for starting a business is as good as any. One in five of you is more likely to start a business now compared to last year, while more than half of you think it is equally as likely.

Download the full report, or check out the press release.


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