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Singapore Is Less Liveable


monocle issue 15

Singapore’s ranking in Monocle.com‘s “The World’s Top 25 Most Liveable Cities” city guide has dropped to 22nd place in 2008 from 17th place last year, according to the cover story of its latest issue (Issue 15). The global affairs and culture magazine noted that Singapore has seen much progress in terms of civic freedom but still requires more political outspokenness here.

The Top 25 most liveable cities are:

1. Copenhagen
2. Munich
3. Tokyo
4. Zurich
5. Helsinki
6. Vienna
7. Stockholm
8. Vancouver
9. Melbourne
10. Paris
11. Sydney
12. Honolulu
13. Madrid
14. Berlin
15. Barcelona
16. Montreal
17. Fukuoka
18. Amsterdam
19. Minneapolis
20. Kyoto
21. Hamburg
23. Geneva
24. Lisbon
25. Portland

Cities were ranked according to quality of life, as well as factors such as global transport connections, communications, environmental initiative, crime rates, attractive architecture, strong public services and even the number of cinema screens in the city.