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What Kind of Business Relationship Are You In?


This post is inspired by a chat session I had with Su Yuen, Howie and Wayne from The Digital Movement about business relationships. We were discussing the importance of business integrity and having partners that valued a mutually-beneficial relationship instead of an abusive one…

When it comes to each of your business relationships, are you a:

Dominatrix. The relationship is heavily skewed in your favour. You ruthlessly exploit your partner(s). They eat scraps off your table, and they play by your rule. Your partner(s) may even enjoy the chains and whipping.

Partner. You believe in an equal and mutually-beneficial partnership. You’re loyal to each other. It’s true love and respect.

Fuck Buddy. It’s a relationship of convenience. You satisfy each other’s needs, but it’s not exclusive. You’ll willingly sleep with someone else if they fulfill your needs as well.

Prostitute. You’ll do anything in the relationship, as long as your price is met. There’s no feeling in this – you see it as only a commercial transaction. You might even say the situation forced you to be like this.

Sex Slave. You’re heavily abused by your partner (usually a Dominatrix). You give and give and give, but usually get nothing in return. You’re lower than dirt. You wonder when your ordeal will end. You hate your life.

Moral of the story? It’s important to know what you’re going into.

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