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Which Will You Choose?

  1. A regular, easy job in a small company. Pays somewhat comfortably but riddled with frustrations from frequent R&D and product delays. Little, if any, upward movement. Little chance of bonus, poor benefits.
  2. An MNC job with regional responsibilities. Doesn’t pay as well, but bonuses are likely. Standard benefits. Upward movement possible, and frequent travelling.
  3. A job that pays very well, but one you hate. You wake up every morning cursing yourself and wish you didn’t have to go to work. Great opportunity with a chance of making partner. Bonuses almost guaranteed.
  4. A job with a venture capital firm that oversees various startups. Pay is subpar, but you get some equity. Little or no benefits. Great networking opportunities.
  5. A fun and exciting job, but one that doesn’t pay (at least not right now). High risk, but possibility of creating intellectual property that may pay financial dividends in the future. Be ready to live on bread and water for a while, though. What bonus?

What would you choose, and why?


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