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A Note from the Editor


Many folks dream of starting, and owning, their own businesses.

Some even take the step to sit down and carefully think about where their strengths lie, what they can set their hands to and how they can follow their hearts’ desires.

Yet few actually eschew the comforts of a cushy corporate job and take that leap of faith. Of those few that do, only a handful truly succeed.

After speaking a few entrepreneurs, many bemoan that there’s a lack of partisan support for those who’ve decided to strike out on their own.¬† There’s no community they can fall back on, few people to share their struggles, their concerns, hopes, fears and dreams.

I wanted to hear their stories. And I believe that some of you do too.

And so, young|upstarts was born.

Over the next few months, you’ll get to see interviews with fresh, young upstarts who’ve decided to go against tradition to establish themselves in a world of opportunity.

So stay tuned.