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Have You Explored The Benefits Of A Wellness Strategy In Your Business?


Businesses are just starting to wake up to the benefits of having a wellness strategy in their organisation. What was once seen as a fad is now being recognised for the financial benefits and employee value that it provides to an organisation. The institute for health consumerism reports that up to 50% of profits are consumed by health related issues such as absenteeism for sickness and workplace injuries.

The costs for an organisation is staggering since the average employee is absent for approximately 8 days a year and will cost the business at least $2000 a year in sick leave costs and lost productivity. Many businesses that have set up wellness programs have experienced improvements in employee health and productivity, which has led to increased profits for the business. Some of the benefits that your organisation can expect from setting up a wellness program include:

A reduction in health-related absenteeism.

People that are physically fit are less likely to fall victim to or spread an illness in the office.

Improved employee morale!

According to a study from Leeds Metropolitan University, employees that exercised at an office gym felt that they were more productive with managing their time, had smoother interactions with colleagues and they were satisfied with the output of their day.

Employee perks!

Employees from some of the world’s blue chip companies such as Google and Amazon often cite an office gym and its wellness program as being some of their favourite perks of the organisation.

Improvement in employee confidence.

Fit employees know that they can achieve their fitness goals. The bold approach that they have towards keeping fit is transferred into their working behaviour as well. This allows them to be more productive and assertive with getting things done and achieving milestones. Furthermore, their added sense of confidence will inspire others around them, thus boosting the morale of their peers.

Reduction in employee turnover.

Businesses that implement wellness programs tend to have lower staff turnover rates than businesses that don’t. Most medium-sized businesses that implemented a successful wellness program reported employee turnover of less than 4% per year.

What steps should businesses take towards developing a wellness program?

There are a few options for businesses to implement wellness programs in their organisation. They can either invest in wellness activities within their business or they can partner with organisations that can assist their employees with their health and fitness goals. These include the following.

Setting up an office gym.

You need a gym setup that will allow employees to build up their muscular strength, stamina, cardio and recovery. Little Bloke Fitness provides commercial equipment for a basic corporate gym setup that will include:

Cardiovascular equipment such as investing in a treadmill, cross-trainers, rowers and exercise bikes.

  • Resistance weights such as dumbbells and barbells.
  • Benches and adjustable chairs
  • Power racks

Partnering with local fitness centres, gyms and health-oriented businesses.

Your business’s HR department can partner with local gyms, restaurants and medical practitioners that can offer your employees a discounted corporate rate.

Partnering with insurers.

Your business can provide a corporate plan for employees. Some providers will offer discounts on gym memberships and medical treatments. This will motivate employees to manage their health without worrying about the financial costs to them.

Wellness programs make a difference to employees’ lifestyles and overall health. Small investments in wellness programs will amplify your business’s profits by reducing health related costs. Ask your employees about the health and wellness things that they’d like to have and see how your organisation can introduce a wellness program that will benefit your business today!


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