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Andrew Warner, founder of (Picture credit: Vimeo).

Andrew Warner, founder of (Picture credit: Vimeo).

If you’re an aspiring web entrepreneur, has a great list of interviews you should listen to.

Learn from the likes of more than 20 web entrepreneurs such as Premal Shah of Kiva.orgSquidoo‘s Seth Godin, Alltop‘s Guy Kawasaki and Mahalo‘s CTO Mark Jeffrey.

Founded by Andrew Warner, organizes networking events and does online interviews to help Internet companies get better.

Perhaps I should do something like that.

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  • I first learnt about Mixergy from a link on Eric Ries blog regarding his 1 hour interview. The interview was absolute gold and Eric Ries gave a lot of information about how things were ran at IMVU. That Mixergy interview made me a regular visitor to Mixergy’s website

  • Daniel

    Hi Andrew,

    It’s a pleasure. I admire the stuff you do.

    Will keep your offer in mind. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  • Thanks for telling people about the work I’m doing at Mixergy.

    Let me know how I can help with your mission Daniel.

  • J

    why not? good subjects will have things they can share.