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New SealCOS™ Web Certification Helps Consumers Identify Official Sites


SealCOS - Seal of
SealCOS - Seal of a Certified Official Site.

The problem with search on the Internet is simply that there is far too much rubbish online.

One pet hate? Inauthentic third-party reseller websites. Worse, some of them actually mimic authentic sites, and can mine your data, hijack systems and generally make your (online) life miserable.

Here’s where SealCOS™ (Seal of a Certified Official Site) comes in: it’s a new form of identifying the correct, official websites for brands and organizations. They can apply for the SealCOS certification and, upon approval, can insert the SealCOS mark into their branding and official website platform. The SealCOS mark appears in website titles returned from the search query, offering a visible mark at the end of the meta tag that makes it simple for consumers to discern between official and inauthentic sites, helping them to cut back on search time.

“While the SealCOS mark functions primarily as a direct branding tool, it also allows consumers to search an item and easily find authentic brands that sell that product,” said Charles Chehebar, founder and CEO of SealCOS LLC. “Say you’re looking for a new set of leather luggage; simply search ‘leather luggage SealCOS,’ and the query will return official websites of legitimate brands that offer leather luggage. Most of the time, consumers take comfort in buying direct, rather than through third-party sites that can be less trustworthy – especially when they falsely claim to be official sites.”

Consumers can easily filter search results even further by inserting “SealCOS” as part of the query, to search through only the ‘official sites’. SealCOS says its certification can ease customer confusion and frustration, helping businesses convert sales lost to these factors, as well as help companies cut down on online advertising costs by standing out next to third party and reseller sites.

Now if only someone can work on eliminating all that Russian spam I’m getting.

For more information on the SealCOS mark and obtaining certification, you can visit their website.