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Why Businesses Need To Know About Citation Building

For many small business owners, the online world and ever changing facets of social media can be rough waters to try to navigate. While you are trying to jumpstart your business or brand, taking on the responsibilities of a full online marketing campaign can be overwhelming.

The online world and marketplace aren’t going away, so learning the ropes (like why citation building is so vital) is all part of the entrepreneurial game. Getting your business seen by others is a priority and if you can utilize the online tools like citation building, you will be able to achieve your dreams faster than you ever expected.

What Is A Citation?

A citation may sound like a bad thing or you may associate the phrase with a fine, but in online lingo, a citation is nothing to be afraid of. Simply stated, an online citation is any mention of your business and it’s primary information on any online platform apart from your own webpage. A mention in a blog, a contact listing in a directory or a recommendation on a review site are all types of valuable citations.

A citation acts as a reference for your business and can help you create accountability and brand trust for your company. No link is necessary to make it a valid “citation”, however, your basic contact information should be present for the mention to be worthy for SEO purposes.

How Does SEO Relate To Citations?

The main goal of any online marketing campaign is to increase the visibility and scope of your audience. Search engines are the power that drives customers to your page or to the page of your competitors. That is why citation building for local businesses is so vital. It’s all part of the entrepreneurial game.

The more citations that you have for your business, the more likely that search engine algorithms like those used at Google will recognize the prominence of your firm. That being said, the more valuable and varied citations that your webpage has, the higher up in the search results you will appear. For any online commerce, having high search engine results translated directly into customer conversions and sales.

Citation Examples.

Anywhere and everywhere that your business or website is mentioned on the web is considered to be a citation. The most obvious citations can be found as listings in your local Chamber of Commerce, local business directories, phone directories, industry directories, LinkedIn, Yellow Pages and even Facebook.

The goal is to have as many quality citations as you can that will allow for your company to show up in a potential customers search. The more “present” your business is on the web the higher your search engine rankings can get.

Why Are Citations So Important?

Search engine and business directories are the number one resource for anyone looking for a product or service on the web. The higher you can rank in the search results, the more likely you are to attract a customer’s attention.

With citations for your business, your name can come up in several places in a single search. This translates to trust building with new customers. They want to see businesses that already have an online presence and prominence rather than choosing to go with a lessor “known” company.

How To Start Building Citations For Your Business.

The easiest way to begin creating citations is to register with all available local, state and national directories. Start at the local level to create some validity for your brand and take advantage of local contacts. Make sure that your business listing is correct and consistent across all postings.

You can also try:

  • Yelp, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages & 411 Directories
  • Donate to a local charity that will post a citation of your donation on their website to promote their event
  • Join local business professional memberships
  • Create a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account for your business
  • Reach out to industry specific bloggers or news sites

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