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[Infographic] 10 Professions That Are Becoming Extinct

The world is changing and many things are disappearing, and along with those are a large number of professions that once was important but technology advances have made obsolete. Automation, for example, have made it possible for machines to do the jobs man used to do, and they can do it far better, cheaper and more consistently as well.

What are some of these jobs that are becoming instinct? Take the clerk at the video rental store, for example. Digital streaming and video-on-demand technologies have put paid the DVD and BluRay, and along with it the video rental clerk’s job. Or how about the travel agent? Online travel sites have made that job obsolete too.

Here’s an infographic that shows you these and eight other professions that are going the way of the dodo:

10 Professions That Are Becoming Extinct

[Infographic credit: CIPHR]


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