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How To Build A Priceless Personal Brand In A World Where Everything Is For...

The best way to start building an authentic personal brand (before you make any official announcements or social media posts) is to start within, says Eric Yaverbaum.

$1B Lessons On Innovation From Dollar Shave Club

Here are three core lessons we can learn from successful, innovative companies like Dollar Shave Club.

Knowing When It’s Time To Sell Your Startup

When is the best time to sell your company? Christopher Wallace, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Amsterdam Printing, offers a few case studies from similar startups that can provide valuable insight to the entrepreneur.

What Being A Woman Has Taught Me About Being A Business Leader

Jana McDaniel, CEO of First Saturday Lime shares her story on how she has successfully launched a new and exciting business in a highly competitive and male dominant industry.

5 Reasons Why Women Excel As Entrepreneurs

Randy Patterson, author of "The Matriarch Rules" shares why women, or Matriarchs, as she likes to refer to them as, have such a huge advantage when it comes to entrepreneurship.

5 Ways Venture Capital Is Shaking Up The Tech Startup Landscape In Asia

With venture capitalists around the world shifting their focus to Asia, Marek Danyluk, managing partner at Space Executive looks at the 5 ways the surge in venture capital fundraising is shaking up the startup landscape in the region.

How Best To Negotiate Your Time And The Time Of Others

Don’t stop reaching out to people in your network for help, but when you do make sure you respect people's time and your own, says Meg Myers Morgan, PhD, author of "The Best Story Wins: How to Leverage Hollywood Storytelling in Business and Beyond".

This Is Why You Should Start A Subscription Box Business

Subscription business models have been around for a pretty long time, but thanks to modern technology, this model has evolved from milk or newspapers delivery to a versatile eCommerce experience. Stefan Pretty, founder of Subbly explains why with all the tools available it’s now straightforward easy to start a subscription based business.

A New Kind of Scam?

  Recently I received an email I thought would make me rich. It was from a domain registration company - claiming to be authorised by the...

Secret To Small Business Success: Commitment To Lifelong Learning

When asked about their management style and what it takes to succeed, the No. 1 characteristic small business owners cite is a “commitment to lifelong learning.”

Ten Surprising Concepts that Teams (Organizations, Too) Should Adopt – Starting Now

Some common concepts surrounding team success have been stressed over and over again - and author of "Stillpower: Excellence with Ease in Sports and Life" Garret Kramer says they may wrong. He highlights ten surprising concepts that may fly against belief.

How To Successfully Transition From CMO To CEO

CEO of Leadspace Doug Bewsher shares that each of his previous CMO experiences helped shape his skillset and who he is as a leader, and believes his background as CMO ultimately prepared him to be a better, more effective CEO.

How Gamification Of Business Process Yields Successful Results

Nike utilized the concept of gamification to enhance the engagement level of fitness maniacs to take their workout session to a higher standard. On the other hand, Khan Academy does it to improve the students’ learning experience.

Five Things You Can Do In The Office Today

When you're running your own startup or small business, there's always something to do to keep you busy. And if you can't think of anything to do, here are some ideas.

The Keys To A Shared Economy Business: Control & Collaboration

Just a few short years ago the “shared economy” business was a term that no one truly understood. if you’re looking to jump into a revolution, Fabiola Stein, Sage’s Global Head of Marketing for Sage One wants to give you some keys about accessing the shared economy business through control and collaboration.

Dealing With The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about successes, accomplishments, and the rewards of our work. There’s a darker side of entrepreneurial life we don’t like to acknowledge, Dr. Stephen David Leonard, President and CEO of Lisa Leonard Designs (LLD) and Stephen David Leonard (SDL).

In Tune With Yourself To Succeed

by Fiona Murden, author of "Defining You: How to profile yourself and unlock your full potential" Do you really know who you are? 95% of...

The Post-Pandemic Portfolio: The Asset Class New Investors Can’t Afford To Miss

It wasn’t long ago that the Airbnb home-sharing model sounded completely alien. Now, the future is that kind of flexible, and the short-term rental strategy is positioned to see a massive influx of demand in the post-COVID market.

5 MarTech Trends For 2022

Jordan Buning shares a few martech trends for 2022 he believes could help push your business to the next level.

Mindfulness At Work Does Not Help Find Meaning. Here’s What Does.

In the post-COVID world, effective workspaces will need to find ways to make all stakeholders feel like empowered partners in value creating activities.

Recruiting Should Be Your #1 Priority From Day 1

As a startup co-founder with a growing team, Felix Winstone, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Talkative shares some recruiting tips he's learnt over the last couple of years.

What Do Cyber Professionals Teach Children About Security?

Amy Burnis of CyberArk wonders - do parents who work in the cyber security industry do a better job of teaching children about cyber security best practices?

Being Smart

Most people think Levi Strauss invented the blue jean. Actually, it was Jacob Youphes (aka Jacob Davis), a Latvian immmigrant to the United States...

Innovation: The Key To Entrepreneurial Success

Unleashing creative thinking helps drive businesses forward, improve customer value propositions and identify new opportunities that deliver on the needs of our ever changing customers. How do you drive innovation in your organization's culture? Dr. Karen Reddington, Regional Vice President of FedEx Express, South Pacific shares her thinking.

Is It Too Late To Pandemic-Proof Your Business? 

As America struggles to re-open, marketing industry veteran Lonny Kocina has some smart advice for getting your business and products the attention they deserve.

Top 3 Life Skills That Can Actually Get You A Job

Does your resume have the edge required to catch the eye of the new-age recruiters? Blake Heron, founder of Skills Co. says it's not about badass coding or enchanting designing, but the most basic of life skills.

5 Benefits Leaders Will See With A New Mindset About Employee Accountability 

An accountability mindset change on the part of leaders is needed, insists Jennifer Long. She shares the benefits of adopting a relationships-first accountability mindset.

How To Feel Grateful When You Just… Don’t (A Thanksgiving Message for Tough Times)

While Thanksgiving is fast approaching, you may be feeling anything but grateful. Walter Bond explains how adopting a “shark-like” mindset can spark true thankfulness… even in hard times.  

[Interview] Robert Tallack, CEO of ConversionPoint Technologies, Inc.

As an entrepreneur, Robert Tallack has learned some lessons early on the way that he wishes someone had shared with him. He shares some of what he's learned to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Social Media — For Those Who’ve Been Left Behind

If your small business isn’t already established on social media, you could be as much as a decade behind some of your competitors. Chad Hill, CEO of HubShout shares some basics so you don’t waste time floundering and making rookie mistakes.