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Comparing Apples With Apples

All those features and functions, bells and whistles that you have lovingly created and perfected, those gorgeous PowerPoint slides, glossy brochures and slick sales presentations. People just don’t care that much. But they do care about you, your team, what makes you tick, says Cian McLoughlin, author of "Rebirth of the Salesman".

5 Core Values For The Workplace

The trouble with workplace values is that the list grows easily and can cause many employees to lose their focus. Robert L. Dilenschneider, author of "A Briefing for Leaders: Communication As the Ultimate Exercise of Power" suggests how to prioritize.

3 Reasons High Schools Should Teach Entrepreneurship

It’s time for high schools to catch up to the needs of their students and make entrepreneurship part of the curriculum. Entrepreneurial consultant and speaker Wheeler del Torro explains why.

Get Proactive With Your Mental Health – 5 Tips And Tricks

Katie Sandler, a career development and impact coach, offers 5 ways people can help keep their mental health in check.

Stealth Mode – A Silent Way For A Startup To Die

During one of the recent events I attended, I spoke to this guy working in a new local startup who proudly declared, "We're in...

What Is Your Implementation Quotient?

As smart as some business owners are, and no matter how high their Intelligence Quotient may be, they almost always have a low implementation quotient of making their goals into reality. Ron Carson, CEO of Carson Wealth Management Group and author of “The Sustainable Edge: 15 Minutes a Week to a Richer Entrepreneurial Life", examines what implementation quotient is.

Team Building Events that Create Lasting Bonds: How To Do Team Building Right

Corporate team building is a great way for companies of any size to discover new ways of working that can transform their business environment. Team building activities build skills and strengthen teams, while promoting synergy and bonding between employees and team members, shares Dan Colgan, founder of Rock Paper Team.

Investing In The Infrastructure Of The Future: How Decentralized Finance Changes Everything

In looking for the infrastructure of the future, you have to ask yourself what’s succeeding now, insists Justin Caswell, founder and CEO of RevoFi.

Reclaiming The American Dream

The U.S. workplace has become an investor-driven market, a place where workers are treated as disposable cogs who are costs to be minimized rather than capabilities to be maximized on-the-job. The only way out, according to Peter Weddle, author of "A Multitude of Hope: A Novel About Rediscovering the American Dream", is something he calls "economic disobedience."

How To Improve Internal Communications In Your Business

As your company grows and your workforce increases, it is vital that you have a robust internal comms strategy in place. Ian Cowley, managing director of shares three tips that worked for him and his team.

Seven Tips To Successfully Crowdsource Video Projects

These days, with the near-prerequisite to include digital, social and mobile components to B2B marketing campaigns, it’s more important than ever to produce high-quality video content to deliver your message in a memorable way. Nick Pahade, CEO of Poptent offers seven tips that can help you pull off your crowdsourced video projects without a hitch.

3 U.S. Thriving Cities For Entrepreneurs To Move To

What's the best place in the US for an entrepreneur to move to and launch a startup or business? Arnold Katz offers three of the cities he thinks are most suitable.

A Message To Covidpreneurs: No, They Won’t Steal Your Idea

The chance of someone stealing your idea is so low it's almost the same percentage as the chance you will win an Oscar, insists Samuel Sanders, author of "Your Next Big Idea".

4 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Employees Nap During The Workday

Allowing employees to nap at work might seem like every company owner’s worst nightmare. But Mark Zhang of Manta Sleep says it improves productivity.

Are Your Questions Sabotaging Your Relationships?

Most people don’t put much thought into the questions they ask — a mistake that can cause relationships to deteriorate and misunderstandings to abound. Geoffrey Tumlin shares seven tips to help you become a better questioner — and as a result, build better, more productive relationships at work and at home.

Innovation Is Nothing New

It's true - but I didn't say it. Pitch Johnson and Reid Dennis did, here in this amazing video clip about the history of...

New Year’s Resolution: Support Local

    Go buy a local book at Books Actually instead of Borders. You'll feel good about yourself.     I've learnt a lot since I started my blog...

Paranoia Check: The Playbook For Staying Focused

Paranoia can be a good trait in business to help keep you on your toes, but it’s crucial that you keep it in context. Instead of looking out, start by looking within to evaluate your company’s position and opportunity to stand out from the pack, says Pamela Springer, CEO of ORIS Intelligence.

Why The Best Young Entrepreneurs Are Purpose-Driven

Purpose is the activator of empathy and empathy is the engine of problem discovery, says Zach Mercurio, author of “The Invisible Leader ”.

How To Rise Above Guilt As A Woman In Tech

Many women feel the pressure to always be available to their work, and — although it may come as a surprise — this demand doesn’t change once you decide to settle down. Tricia Sciortino, President of eaHELP shares five tips she's learned to help her have a thriving career and family life without the guilt.

How Google’s New Algorithm Could Kill Your Business

Christa Martin shares how can companies ensure that their digital endeavors are always in compliance with Google’s mobile-centric posture.

[INTERVIEW] Richard Lipman, Montreal Psychologist On Why Entrepreneurs Should Look After Their Mental Health

Richard Lipman, a psychologist in private practice in Montreal, says studies have found that entrepreneurs self-report on mental health conditions like depression, substance abuse and anxiety disorders more than the general population.

Top Five Things VCs Want

Competition for venture capital is fierce, especially among startups. Al Goldstein, CEO of AvantCredit, explores a few characteristics VCs and funding experts look for in a startup.

Don’t Be A Donald (Sterling, That Is) – 5 Lessons For CEOs And Business...

Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, makes headlines today for his racist remarks captured on audio and published on TMZ over the weekend. Brian Fielkow, author of "Driving to Perfection" looks at what CEOs and business leaders can learn the Donald Sterling debacle.

How To Get Off Autopilot To Move Your Career (And Life) Forward

Career development and impact coach Katie Sandler offers tips for those who feel stuck - both in their careers and in life in general - on how they can get things moving again.

Why Businesses Must Grasp Millennial Thinking Or Face Economic Calamity

Gui Costin, author of "Millennials Are Not Aliens" believes there’s plenty that businesses need to understand about Millennials. He shares a few facts about their consumer habits worth paying attention to.

How To Market Your Brand By Starting A Social Action

Would you buy animal-tested products? Or would you rather start a social action to stop it from happening? Turian da Silva Bielschowsky, founder and managing director of Magma Translation shares how helping his causes of choice has helped his business.

Writing An Executive Summary

Key to any early stage fundraising effort is a well-crafted Executive Summary, or Exec Summary. This succinct document describes your new venture and preemptively addresses fundamental questions that prospective investors will have. Ralph (Buddy) Arnheim, partner at Perkins Coie shares what a good one should look like.

3 Reasons Why Your Elevator Pitch Will Never Work

The elevator pitch is a way to present our work in such a concise way that it could be shared within the span of an elevator ride. Neil Gordon shares three critical reasons why most elevator pitches don’t work.

How To Solve The 6 Worst Office Problems You’ll Face This Summer

For some, summer season summons feelings of drear as they know they’ll spend most of their summertime at work. Jesse Wood, CEO of eFileCabinet shares some guidelines to solve these typical summertime workplace problems.