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Why Businesses Need To Employ Pest Control Companies


Exterminators in Phoenix, AZ are a much needed service with the state sitting on top of one of the most active subterranean termite belts in the country. Not only that but its 6 major biomes – desert, woodland, grassland, chaparral, forest, and tundra – means that a lot of different pests not only exist, but thrive as well.

People have to worry about hundreds of kinds of bugs, insects, and other pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, beetles, scorpions, rats, and mice. And when you’re a business owner, you also have to worry about how these pests can affect your bottomline.

These pests scare away your customers (and staff) for a good reason. Rats can spread diseases like hantavirus, salmonella, leptospirosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV). They can also chew through things like drywall, wood, brick, and even improperly cured concrete. Their incisors never stop growing so they have to constantly wear their teeth down – and that means chewing through a lot of wiring too. Not only does that mean a potential fire hazard, but costly repairs too.

Businesses like restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or even just the average office building are not spared from any pest onslaught. Because they’re so prevalent, they’re pretty much a part of anyone’s life. But if you search for “commercial pest control companies near me”, then you’re on your way to making sure they don’t affect your bottom line – or get you closed down.

Your First Visit.

After introductions from the pest control technician and property point of contact are out of the way, the technician goes to inspect the property for pests. They’ll keep a look out for possible pest entry points, nest and hiding areas, pest hot spots, and they’ll also be taking notes on how conducive the immediate environment is to pests.

Then they’ll need a few minutes to write up a report, and present it to you with their professional input on how to manage the pests on your property. They’ll also be discussing the necessary steps they’ll take to eliminate pests, and the steps needed to prevent pests from coming back. Many pest companies also offer exclusion services, which is when they seal up areas in the building where pests can enter.

Some of the Most Common Pests Found in Commercial Properties.

Because commercial properties typically mean shared common areas, walls, and ceilings, what would have been a small pest problem can quickly escalate. And when these pests are spotted, they can turn away visitors, customers, potential tenants, and staff.

Some of the most common pests that pest control companies are called for are the following:


Specifically, rats and mice. They’re one of the most destructive common office pests that business owners have to deal with. Rats and mice grow very quickly in numbers, and spread a lot of diseases either by direct contact or exposure to their urine and feces.

Because their incisors are constantly growing, they constantly wear them down by chewing through hard or rough objects. That means walls, drywalls, electrical wiring – even glass.


For businesses that handle food or food preparation, flies especially pose a safety and sanitation hazard as they spread pathogens on food and surfaces – and no one wants to eat at a restaurant or buy food from somewhere that has a lot of flies.

Small flies and gnats are often found near drains, kitchens, trash receptacles, and around plants.


Spiders have long possessed a reputation that may be unfair – a lot of people are terrified of them. Spiders incite plenty of fear, and a customer seeing one can turn the issue much larger than it is.

Spiders can enter buildings through cracks and crevices along walls, through vents and pipes, and people may even unknowingly bring them inside via bags and boxes.


Especially pigeons – while they’re not as common as the other pests in the list, they’re still problematic for a lot of businesses. Their droppings are corrosive and can damage structures as well as create an unsightly mess.

They can also nest on HVAC units found on top of roofs – and their droppings and feathers can get into these units and obstruct airflow. Pathogens from their droppings and feathers can also spread via the air system and harm people.

Pest Management.

As soon as you spot pests on your property, get in touch with a pest control company right away before it becomes a bigger problem.

Other companies will come to your property, apply treatment, and leave – but better pest control companies will also help you make sure these pests don’t come back.


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