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Startup School Opens Up! 20 Exclusive Invites

Supercool School, an online education marketplace, opens Startup School.

Supercool School, an online education marketplace, opens Startup School.

If you are an entrepreneur you know how many challenges a startup has until you can finally launch your product or service. Only other entrepreneurs really understand this intensive process of starting a company. That is why we tend to meet up and organize events where entrepreneurs and experts can come together and learn from one another. Nevertheless it is typically a challenge to meet the right people in your everyday life. That is why recently a group of entrepreneurs from India, Europe and the US tackled this problem by building Startup School in their free time. A platform that is taking a remarkable approach towards “socializing” startups worldwide with live classes & meetups online.

While the first invitations were sent around May, the community driven Startup School has quickly grown to over 700 members around the globe in the last three months with more than 100 successful sessions. Startup School enables individuals, groups and especially entrepreneur organizations to setup virtual meetings & classes via Startup School. The very neat and user friendly interface allows you to organize new sessions in a matter of seconds.

Unique is also the strong social character of events on Startup School. Everyone can see each other face to face and talk to each other using their regular webcams and microphones. The bottom up approach allowing anyone to join upcoming sessions or to create and request new ones makes Startup School a strong community driven platform. The recordings of the live sessions can be made available by the organizer if wanted. This way the founders of Startup School want to help to build a curriculum for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

One great example for a meeting on Startup School is the “Pitch Your Startup” event organized every two weeks where entrepreneurs can pitch their products & services. Unlike similar platforms like Demo Conference, the demonstrator doesn’t have to travel to a stage physically. All he has to do is to plug in their webcams and microphones and start demonstrating. They receive instant live feedback from a like-minded people from around the world. A few of the pitching entrepreneurs were even lucky and attracted the interest of some of the investors on Startup School.

You can now already find a number of very helpful tutorials from how to handle psychological pressures as entrepreneur to marketing with Twitter, Facebook or the iPhone. Startup School is free, but is invite-only. That means you need to be invited by a registered member of Startup School. What makes Startup School School special is the fact that since it has been an invite-only platform from the very beginning, its members are handpicked aspiring and experienced Entrepreneurs, Investors and Startup Experts.

You can visit Startup School, join the page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or read our official blog. If you are interested in joining us as an evangelist, you can email us directly as startup[at]supercoolschool[dot]com. For now, we are giving away 20 exclusive Startup School invitations for Young Upstarts readers.


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