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Infocomm Live! – Jim Whitehurst of Red Hat Inc.

Hear from President and CEO of Red Hat Inc Jim Whitehurst at Infocomm Live!

President and CEO of Red Hat Inc Jim Whitehurst will be speaking at the next installation of Infocomm Live!

Hear from President and CEO of Red Hat Inc, Jim Whitehurst, at the upcoming installation of Infocomm Live! as he shares on how open source technologies cater to the needs of small-to-medium enterprises and help to collaboratively grow the open source community around the world. He will also reveal the challenges of addressing the global needs for a new business model of a perceived free product, and share Red Hat‘s journey to becoming the world’s No. 1 software provider.

Previous speakers at Infocomm Live included Matthias Kunze of Yahoo! Mobile, and Dan Lejerskar of EON Reality Inc.

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