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Inc Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary With Mind-Blowing Online Game

Inc turns 30; Young|Upstarts has 27 more years to go.

Inc turns 30; Young|Upstarts has 27 more years to go.

One of my favorite publications, Inc Magazine, turns 30 this year! To commemorate the occasion it has created a really fun interactive online game, The Great Garage Hunt, where you go rediscover 30 of the greatest companies that have been featured in the magazine over the past three decades.

It’s a lot harder than it looks. I could only score 3 in 10 minutes before I gave up (hint: beer, consumer electronics, pizza). Yeah, I managed to get those closest to my heart.

PS1: I have Inc’s podcasts on my iTunes, and if you’re a small business owner you should too.

PS2: If you really enjoyed The Great Garage Hunt, you may also want to check out M&M‘s Dark Chocolate, where you look for 50 horror movie titles hidden in a painting. Creepily addictive stuff.


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