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Social Media Breakfast 4 – A New Hope For New Media in Singapore

And so I was up early last Saturday morning for Social Media Breakfast 4 at the theatrette in URA Centre where I was invited to participate in a panel discussion on “Corporate Adoption of Social Media” along with Derrick Koh of Lenovo, Supriya Addanki of Text 100 and fellow bloggers Benjamin Koe of local startup JamiQ and Pat Law of Arc Worldwide. Moderated by Willy Foo of LiveStudios, the panel shared our experiences of how companies we work in or worked with have engaged the new media.

I spotted a number of executives of companies from big and small among the crowd – Canon Singapore, local retail giant Tangs and HBO Asia, among others. It was heartening to note that companies are finally beginning to take more attention of the burgeoning local new media scene and this can only bode well for its future here.

Speaking to a crowd of more than 50 people intent on soaking up – or picking apart – every word you say, I must admit, can be an incredibly stimulating if harrowing experience. More so the fact I was only asked the morning before if I’d like to join the panel, and hence my unpreparedness. Forgive me for my initial jitteriness!

I’d wished I could have stayed longer for the networking session after (but the wife was waiting and it was a Saturday after all).

You can find an excellent summary of the event here.


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