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Why Not Challenge The Status Quo?

It’s a challenge to foster entrepreneurship in Singapore. We live in a society that places artificial mental and emotional barriers to venturing out on your own.

Singaporean parents expect their children to go after secure, high-paying jobs upon graduation. Our education system, while of world-class quality, hardly emphasises business skills that have real-world, practical use. First world cost of living makes it difficult for aspiring entrepreneurs to venture out when there are bills to pay. The opportunity costs seem too high. The market is too small, and funding opportunities? Out of reach.
*So in what ways can we encourage Singaporeans to start their own businesses?
*How should we make Singapore more conducive for, and receptive to, entrepreneurship?
*Can we foster more entrepreneurial thinking in our education system?
*How can we foster more innovative and creative thinking in local businesses?
*How do we become the next Silicon Valley?
*How can Singapore foster the next Olivia Lum, Sim Wong Hoo or Kenny Yap?

If you have thought of an answer to one of the above or have some ideas on how to increase Singapore’s attractiveness as a place for business, nurture the entrepreneurs of tomorrow or encourage innovative and competitive businesses, submit these ideas to the Action Community for Entrepreneurs (ACE)‘s “Why Not?” competition.

Your ideas will be judged according to innovativeness, feasibility and its impact on change. You can submit your ideas here, or click here to find out more about ACE. Submission deadline is 17 July 2008.

You can stand to win cash prizes, but more importantly, your ideas can make a difference to Singapore’s future.

So ask yourself: “Why Not?”

why not

* This is a sponsored post from BLOG2U.


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