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When Prices Go Up, Get Down And Get Dirty


The cost of almost everything is going up. Here’s just some of them this year alone:

  • Commercial and retail space rentals have gone up by more than 15% since last year,
  • The price of drinking coffee – at your local coffeeshop no less, not Starbucks – has gone up by 10 cents since last month,
  • DBS Bank has upped transaction fees for IPO applications by 100 per cent since 23 May,
  • The cost of NETS transactions for retailers will almost quadruple from 1 July,
  • The price of postage by SingPost goes up by about 3-4 per cent from 1 July,
  • Price of cable television packages from SCV will be increased next month by $4 for standard packages and $10 for sports packages per month,
  • The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be increased from 1 July as well.

What have you done lately to grow your business?

Instead of complaining about how unfair the world is, what active steps have you taken to ensure that you and your business survive in this increasingly competitive, and deadly, environment?


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