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The Importance Of Naming Things Properly


asus eee pc

According to CNET Asia, ASUS announced that it will be showcasing one of its latest products – the ultramobile computing Eee PC – at the annual Computex event in Taiwan that starts today.  Loaded with amazing features, the Eee looks set to rival the Fujitsu FMV-U on the mobile computing stakes.

But really.  Why go through all that effort of kick-ass product development to come up with a technologically advanced product, and then give it a name that has connotations of disgust and revulsion?

“Wow, check out that really cool tiny computer!”


“Why do you say that?  It’s very nice!”

“But it’s really Eee!”

Seriously, sometimes businesses don’t realise the importance of naming their products properly. After all, that’s one of the reasons why the Motorola RAZR (pronounced “razor”) – which associates the slim phone with a sharp cutting blade – was such a worldwide hit, while phones of other brands known by a series of imcomprehensible letters and numbers suffered in ignominy.

For ASUS’s sake, I hope the development team forgot to invite the marketing and PR department to the meeting when they were brainstorming the name.

If they did, those marketing and PR folks deserve to be shot.


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