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You Have The Right Not To Remain Silent

I’ll be attending the “Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights” talk organised by Project Senso on 26 May.  Actually, I’m more interested in not violating someone else’s intellectual property than protecting my own.

Intellectual property violations recently hit the news this week when Japanese bloggers discovered Beijing’s Shijingshan Amusement Park’s shocking similarities to Disneyland.  The Chinese theme park allegedly copied Disney’s famous mascots such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and even built a similar replica of Cinderella’s Castle!  You can copy a great idea, but at least try to do it smartly and legally.  Guess that’s something which the park officials have conveniently forgotten.  Maybe speaker Gregory Ong can shed more light on what constitutes a violation.

You can read more about the talk at Project Senso or here at SG Entrepreneurs. Go sign up if you’re interested – $10 is cheap for the IP knowledge you’d gain.  If anybody wants to catch up for a chat or to share ideas, feel free to drop me a note.


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