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The Search for Newer Newater

I read with great interest about scholar turned pioneer-entrepreneur Dr Andrew Benedek in Today (Pg 12, 2007), who sits on Singapore’s International Advisory Panel to help turn Singapore into a global water hub and advise local researchers in making breakthroughs in water reclamation techniques.

Dr Benedek was a professor at McMaster University who became an entrepreneur at the age of 36, when he believed that membrane technology – which was relatively unknown in the 1980s – would help ease the world’s growing water shortage.  He grew Zenon Environmental into a $650 million global enterprise which was just acquired by General Electric last year.

“I knew nothing about business.  But I quit teaching because I felt the world needed membrane technology to save itself from an impending crisis,” he was quoted in Today.

The man lives and breathes water and membrane technology.  It is said that his eyes would light up whenever he talks about the water industry.  He’s obviously a man with a very strong passion for what he does and believes in.  It’s not certain, but it’s my strong belief that making big money was not on Dr Benedek’s mind when he decided to embark on his entrepreneurial journey.


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