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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Today, I broke up from a relationship that lasted six long years. It was a bittersweet ending, culminating from months of suspicion, frustrations and incessant backbiting. The atmosphere in the final moments of parting was cordial if cold, and thankfully short.

Yes, I had lost a long-term client.

The feeling is strangely similar to that of a romantic breakup in real life. Two parties who finally realize that they weren’t able to meet up to each other’s expectations. The understanding that the relationship was more of a convenience than of real need and trust.

Time to move on, you say.

When a real relationship ends, the best way to move on is to avoid each other. This is not quite so in business. Business gurus will tell us that we need to stay in close contact with ex-clients. In fact, they have written entire books on how to attract, win, and keep new clients, and even win back clients that you have lost.

Easy in theory, but far harder in practice. For entrepreneurs, losing our first client always hurts.


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